Genealogical Research

It is extremely difficult to estimate the cost of a Genealogical Research, because different factors must be taken into account as each family has its own history, so every research is “unique”.

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Additional Services (with separate rates):

  • search of living relatives;
  • search family property;
  • certificates for Italian citizenship;
  • history of the ancestor’s place of origin;
  • study of surname’s origin;
  • complete translations of certificates from the original language to English;
  • handcraft of painted family trees;
  • family website.


Geographic area


(Requests from outside Sicily will be evaluated too)


For European customers accepted payment methods are: Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Outside Europe (SEPA area) the only method of payment accepted is Paypal.

You are asked to pay 50% in advance and the remaining 50% at the end of the research.

Costs are not liable to VAT (22%) but 4% is requested for partial Tax refund for Social Security Service

See the FAQ in order to get an answer to most frequent questions.